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Sponsorship FAQs

We value transparency here at Every Orphan's Hope. Below is a list of our frequently asked questions about our Sponsorship Program. Please feel free to contact us at the email address on the bottom of the page if you have a question that is not answered here!

How much is it to sponsor a child in Zambia?

One child sponsorship costs $37/month.

Why does it take 12 sponsors to fully sponsor a child?

Most child sponsorship programs aim to provide relief for children in poverty. Although relief for physical needs like food, education, and access to health care are important, our sponsorship ministry aims to more fully restore hope and a sense of belonging that an orphan loses by placing him or her in a new family.

As you might imagine, it takes more than one person to provide all of those things to ensure that a child has a bright and thriving future! Each child in our program needs 12 sponsors in order to be considered fully sponsored.

Each sponsor not only contributes to the total care of that child but joins a network of sponsors who also care for that same sponsored child. Sponsors are encouraged to form meaningful relationships with their child and fellow sponsors through regular communication, photos, and a private Facebook group.

What does that investment go towards for my child?

In addition to providing for your child's basic physical needs like food, shelter, education, etc., your donation is an investment in the entire family infrastructure that is necessary to meet your child's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Below is a more detailed look at what your monthly investment helps provide:


Financial support for all aspects of a permanent home for your sponsored child are provided including utilities, maintenance, home furnishings, appliances, etc. through your sponsorship.

Non-food Items

All non-food items such as laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, hair care products, skin care products, household cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, toiletries, towels, bedding, etc. are provided through your sponsorship.

Food Items

All fresh vegetables, fruits, meat proteins, staple food items such as Maize Meal, rice, beans, cooking oils, condiments, etc. are provided through your sponsorship.


All transportation for school, medical clinic visits, grocery shopping, visiting extended family members, etc. is provided by utilizing taxis, public buses or private transportation provided in EOH vehicles and our staff drivers, through your sponsorship.

Clothing, Shoes, School Uniforms, School Tuition, After-school Tutoring, School Supplies, and Books

All costs associated with your child's primary and secondary education are provided through your sponsorship.
NOTE: Students who qualify to pursue skills/vocational training, College and University degrees are funded separately through our ministry partners generous contributions to our Higher Education Fund.

Social Welfare Compliance, Government Reporting Requirements, and Case Management Systems

Social Welfare educated and trained staff members manage and fulfill all Government requirements, reporting and case management documentation for each individual child in our care. Your sponsorship helps provide all aspects of meeting these Government requirements through our Social Welfare trained staff and support staff that manage and advocate your child's welfare and child protective rights.

Mentoring, Sports, Psychosocial Counseling, Special Outings, Christmas Parties, Holiday-Family Visits

Our ministry staff monitor, supervise, mentor, disciple, counsel and encourage each child through prayer, sports activities, mission trips, community service projects, arranging holiday visits with extended family members and even seeking specialized professional counseling for our children who need healing from traumas encountered prior to coming to live in the My Father's House Family Homes. Your sponsorship helps create this entire support network of caring, specialized people and professionals to help your sponsored child develop and thrive spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Family Tracing, Home Assessments, Supervised Family-bonding Visits, Family/Kinship Reunification

Every child in our care has extended family and kinship that needs to be identified for the purpose of seeking to reunify an orphan or abandoned child with their biological family. Our goal is to identify family members, visit those families, conduct home assessments in conjunction with Zambia Social Welfare Standards and begin to reintroduce the child to their biological extended family. When it is in the best interest of the child, and a family member is determined to be able to provide a loving, safe and stable family home for the child, we will schedule holiday visits and bonding time with the child and family. In some instances, family members and the child determine that it is best for the child to be reunified with their family and your sponsorship helps support this entire process, which in some cases can take months or years.  


Can I correspond with my sponsored child?

Yes! The best way to correspond with your sponsored child is through handwritten letters (see address in following section). You can also email your letter to [email protected] with your child's name in the subject line.

Every Orphan's Hope also has a private Facebook group called My Father's House Sponsorship Family where you can post a message to your child for our Zambian staff to deliver. We also post pictures and updates about the children and ministry.

Can I visit my sponsored child in Zambia?

Yes! We typically offer short-term mission trips to Zambia every year but that is currently on hold due to COVID restrictions. Sponsor trips are a great way to connect with your sponsored child but we are also working on ways to connect you with your child virtually as well!

Can I send gifts to my child?

In recent years, we have started a Sponsor Gift Fund for sponsors to contribute money towards so that our older children can go shopping at the mall with their mamas and siblings for items they want. An email with more detailed information is typically sent to sponsors in late November regarding this gift option.

You can, however, still send specific gifts (and/or letters) in a closed zip-lock bag with your child's name on the bag to:

Every Orphan's Hope
3245 W. Main Street, Suite 235/332
Frisco, TX 75034

What gifts should I send?

Examples of gifts you can send your sponsored child include clothing, art supplies, hair accessories, coloring and activity books, deflated soccer balls, ball pumps, journals, wash cloths, socks, etc.

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Children who are fully sponsored will have a note below their name in our gallery, which means all other children are still in need of new sponsors!

Please do NOT send electronics, breakable items, heavy items, books (with the exception of small handheld Bibles), stuffed animals, food items, or money. We ask that you consider sending a gift to the mama who cares for your child as well.

I Want to Change an Orphan's Life ›

I Want to Change an Orphan's Life ›

I Want to Change an Orphan's Life ›