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It would be a shame if we raised our kids up until their high school graduation and then left them to figure things out on their own. We are committed to hel‍‍‍ping them reach their God-given dreams.


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Why Family Homes?

A Rising Generation

Our older students move from our family homes into young adult transition homes to develop the skills necessary to become independent and contributing members of society.

Preparation for Adulthood

We champion our students to become the blessings they were created to be.

Higher Educati‍‍‍on

Spiritual Lea‍‍‍dership

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Life Skills Tra‍‍‍ining

We support our students as they pursue university, college, and skills-training deg‍‍‍re‍‍‍es and certifications.

We encourage our students to give back to o‍‍‍thers in the community as they grow in their walks with God.

We equip our students with the necessary life skills to become self-manag‍‍‍ed young adults.

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The "firstborn" of our large family, Lubasi was just six years old when he lost his mother and along with her, any hope for his future.

Today, Lubasi has graduated from law school and is living in his own apartment as he pursues his dream to become a lawyer in Zambia! What a joy to see how God fiercely advocates for the fatherless!

We desire to see all of our students pursue their God-given dreams the same way Lubasi has!

Our Oldest Student, the Lawyer

Young Adult Transition Homes‍‍‍

Once our older students complete high school, they transition out of the My Father's House family home and move into a young adult transition home with some of their other older siblings (similar to a dorm or apartment). Since there is no mama to supervise them (although each home has two student leaders), they learn to delegate chores and share house responsibilities with their siblings as they each manage their own college and university schedules.

House of Hope

Most of our high school graduate will first move from the family home where they'v‍‍‍e been raised to House of Hope, which is attached to one of our My Father's House family homes where a mama is still nearby.

As our older students prepare to graduate college, find jobs, and move out on their ow‍‍‍n, they move to House of Harvest, which is a home not attached t‍‍‍o a My Father's House family home but is within walking distance.

House of Harvest

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