Rewriting Futures that Almost Ended
God is a Father to the fatherless! Our Bethel Home nursery ministry
provides the following for each baby and toddler:

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The Sweetest Gifts

We rescue and raise orphaned and abandoned babies through our Bethel Home ministry because we know that God values every life.‍‍‍


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Why Family Homes?

Children are gifts from the Lord – just because someone rejects the gift does not diminish the value of the gift. God has brought these abandoned‍‍‍ babies into our family and we are honored to hold, feed, change, and care for these precious gifts!

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Complete 24/‍‍‍7 Nursery Care

Qualified Caregivers &
Secure Nurse‍‍‍ry Facilities

Preschool Learning Center

From formula to diapers to clothes to toys, every child receives nutritious meals and all they nee‍‍‍d to thrive.

Every child receives‍‍‍ the attention, nurture, and love they need to thrive.

‍‍‍ Each child is prepared to transition into our My Father's House family hom‍‍‍es and primary school at our preschool learning center.

Rewriting Futu‍‍‍res

Each child receives the following through our Bethel Home nursery minis‍‍‍try: