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Changing the World,
Two Wheels at a Time

The first Narrow Road Bike Shop opened in Nyangwena in October 2016 and the second location opened in Mpashya in May 2019.

Stop by and bring a bike home today!

Contact Mr. Zulu: +260 97 6153921

The Narrow Road Bike Shop is a bicycle sales and repair shop with two locations in Zambia – Nyangwena and Mpashya.

Contact Mr. Zulu:
+260 97 6153921

Mobilizing the

Local Community

Mobilizing the Local Community
These bicycles have greatly impacted lives in our community here in Zambia by reducing people's travel time and improving their quality of life.

Contact Mr. Zulu for more information about the bike shop:

+260 97 6153921
charlesbuykeyshop @ gmail.com

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